More bad news for McCain today as he’s now below 45% in all the models. At this point in the race, McCain has to start making really big gains to catch up, but it’s just not happening.

And much like Rasmussen suggested, the word for today is “stability.”

The numbers…

Registered Voters: Obama +9

Likely Voters (Expanded Model): Obama +8

Likely Voters (Traditional Model): Obama +7

Here’s more…

Barack Obama was off the campaign trail for two days as a result of a visit to his ailing grandmother in Hawaii, but returns to campaigning today in Nevada and New Mexico.

John McCain has been campaigning continuously and will also be campaigning in New Mexico on Saturday. None of this has, apparently, made much difference in the standing of the two candidates in the minds of voters.

Obama’s margin over McCain is statistically significant, and continues to reflect a fairly stable Obama lead in the race for president, with Election Day now just 10 days away.

More tomorrow…

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