In Iowa today she said she supported ethanol.

Now, for anybody who knows about McCain’s opinions on ethanol subsidies, this is a BIG no no. In fact, he’s so famously against ethanol subsidies that he never even bothered running in Iowa this election cycle and instead focused on New Hampshire. And I think we’re all well aware that without subsidies, the ethanol industry would, for all intents and purposes, cease to exist as a viable fuel alternative.

In any event…here’s the clip..

I guess this begs a couple questions.

First, was this actually part of her stump speech? Because if so, that would mean somebody in the campaign wrote.

Second, if it’s not part of a stump speech and she is passively aggressively signaling to McCain that they should support it…what’s Palin really aiming at here? Because as any politician knows, you can’t win Iowa without supporting ethanol. And coming out against your running mate certainly would be a mavericky thing to do.

Is she going “rogue”?

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