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Anchorage Daily News Endorses Obama



And the reason is clear…she just isn’t ready.

They go through a lot of reasons, but here’s the red meat of the piece…

Gov. Palin has shown the country why she has been so successful in her young political career. Passionate, charismatic and indefatigable, she draws huge crowds and sows excitement in her wake. She has made it clear she’s a force to be reckoned with, and you can be sure politicians and political professionals across the country have taken note. Her future, in Alaska and on the national stage, seems certain to be played out in the limelight.

Yet despite her formidable gifts, few who have worked closely with the governor would argue she is truly ready to assume command of the most important, powerful nation on earth. To step in and juggle the demands of an economic meltdown, two deadly wars and a deteriorating climate crisis would stretch the governor beyond her range. Like picking Sen. McCain for president, putting her one 72-year-old heartbeat from the leadership of the free world is just too risky at this time.

And, by the way, I stand by my previous assertions before Powell’s endorsement that his was a watershed moment in this election. Because it gave all the moderate Republicans leaning towards Obama the excuse to say, “Like the distinguished General Colin Powell…”

And to that point…

The unqualified endorsement of Sen. Obama by a seasoned, respected soldier and diplomat like Gen. Colin Powell, a Republican icon, should reassure all Americans that the Democratic candidate will pass muster as commander in chief.

Again, this one really stings, especially since Palin’s so popular in Alaska.