Republicans are Red,

Democrats are Blue

Whatever you voted,

There’s drinkin’ to do!

Seattle is a political town, full of passion and outspoken characters, luke-warm initiatives and hot debates on the street, sign-filled protests and the ubiquitous LaRouche booth. You know you care, so for the red-white-and-blue epic adventure that is the 2008 presidential election, after you vote don’t just sit at home alone and scream at your television- instead get out on the town and gather your friends around to watch the election results filter in and the nation pull itself out of it’s current downward spiral OR crumble forever into mindless oblivion.


1. The Stranger’s Election Party at Showbox at the Market: This is the big one! It’s free, hosted by Dan Savage, and not fettered by loud DJs or go-go dancers or annoying speeches. Just the election results, and booze.

2. Like your election coverage a little dirty and covered with grime? Get your dive on at the Comet Tavern‘s Election Night Party. This bar is used to the screaming.

3. I will be with all those electronic music freaks and robots at the Nectar Lounge in Fremont, but this Election Night Dance Party isn’t just about getting election results- it’s also about getting down. Join local superstar DJs Ctrl_Alt_Del, Kadeejah Streets, Travis Baron, Grindle and more as share their great love of America with the dance floor. 

4. Nuemos is also throwing a Big Dance: Election Night Viewing Party on the 12′ screen in their main room.

5. Central Cinema hosts an Election Night Returns Party, drink beers and eat vegan pigs-in-a-blanket to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy in your head!

6. Get fancy at the Northwest Film Forum with an Election Evening Extravaganza! Just saying that makes me feel patriotic! Join dead presidents (in costume form not dolla-dolla bill form) as well as major network broadcasts in two cinemas, radio coverage in the lobby, and a giant U.S. map with red and blue lightbulbs!

7. Want to discuss the issues that motivated you to vote this year? Get serious at the Election Night Special at Town Hall with Democratic consultants, political reporters, trivia and prizes.

8. Soak up that political anxiety with appetizers and a salad bar buffet at the 1st Congressional District and Snohomish County’s 2008 Election Night Party at the Nile Shrine Center.

9. This Land-Jam at Egan’s Ballard Jam House has an open jam session along with election results.

10. Drink like a Kennedy at Drinking Liberally at Montlake Alehouse; the event happens every Tuesday night but on November 4th will be stuffed with politicos and bloggers.

11. With the best party name and an MC to boot, the Election Night Throw Down at See Sound Lounge has live election coverage and $3 drink specials. Watch the results with a cocktail in hand and two feet on the dance floor.

12. Dispose with all this fluff and just watch the results with your sandwich at the Nickerson Street Saloon.

***This blog post is non-partisan except for the fact that I really, REALLY want Obama to win.***


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