According to the latest Rasmussen poll, he’s only got a five-point lead in his home state:

John McCain’s lead over Barack Obama is down to just five points in his home state of Arizona. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in the state finds the Senator leading 51% to 46%.

McCain is viewed favorably by 59% of voters in Arizona and unfavorably by 40%. Obama’s ratings are 49% favorable, 50% unfavorable.

Voters in Arizona trust their state’s Senator more than Obama on the top issue of the economy by a 52% to 44% margin. However, voters not affiliated with either party trust Obama more, 52% to 39%.

On national security and the War on Terror, voters in Arizona trust McCain more by a 56% to 40% margin. Again, unaffiliated voters trust the Democrat more on this issue, 49% to 45%.

Prior to the latest poll, the smallest lead McCain held in the state was nine percentage points back in June. Last month, McCain led 59% to 38%.

Now, in the end, McCain will probably win Arizona, but the fact that he’s barely pulling out a lead there with only one week to go shows just how bad things are for him.

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