South Carolina’s largest newspaper reports on the expected flood of voters on Election Day:

State election leaders say they are prepared for a possible record turnout of voters one week from today.

There are 18,000 poll workers in training, thousands of electronic voting machines anticipated to perform correctly and, just in case, a Plan B if problems arise as in January’s Republican presidential primary. […]

The state’s electorate now stands at 2.55 million. That includes more than 500,000 voters added to the rolls since the last presidential election and 300,000 this year.

The state is also headed for a record number of people casting absentee ballots, with more than 200,000 absentee ballots issued thus far. Most voters have until Friday to cast absentee ballots.

In the most recent polls, John McCain has a double digit lead over Obama in the Palmetto State, but what if the polls are missing something?

We already know that African-American turnout in Southern states that allow early-voting is very high, what if that happens on Election Day in South Carolina?

Would it be enough to turn South Carolina to Obama?

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