Portland is a beautiful green city, full of nice characters, some really great music, a tram, a giant bookstore, and a shiny clean dose of political activism. Which means, come November 4th, the Portlanders will be out and about and looking for a place to watch the election returns, gather with neohippie friends and drink a delicious local microbrew or two.

Where to go? Let your red-white-and-blue wings carry you these top Election Night Parties in Portland:

1. The Doug Fir Lounge is hosting the Portland Mercury’s big Election Night Party; join Sam Adams, Steve Novick, Amy Ruiz and DJ Gregarious as they scream at the live televised returns all night.

2. West Cafe promises an Election Night Party to celebrate the “changing of the guard.” Holy Palin we hope so!

3. Party with The Party! Join the Democrats from the Oregon Senate and House at the Oregon Convention Center for their Election Night Party – but watch out for those crazy politicians!

4. The Green Party may not be putting a tree-hugger in the White House, but that’s not going to stop them from kicking back with the rest of America in front of a big screen with beer in hand at the Portland Pacific Green Party’s Election Night party at the Redwing Coffee and Bakery.

5. Willamette Week is having an Election Night Rager at Grand Central Bowl with live blogging, cheap bowling and cheaper beer, high-def TV coverage and live music from Joe Nasty- and they will be broadcasting it all live with host Rick Emerson.

5. News anchors from KOIN Channel 6 will be at the 2008 Election Watch at McMenamin’s Bagdad Theatre & Pub; join them and watch the results live on air and maybe even get an interview with Mike Donahue!

6. At Blitz East some cats will be wildly hoping off the hizzy for an Obama victory at their Election Night Party; come one come all.

7. For a classic American experience including popcorn, a big balloon drop, champagne and ten flat-screen TVS get to The Cleaners at the Ace Hotel for their Election Night Party 2008. This 21+ event charges $15, but all the proceeds are matched by the Ace Hotel and will go to the organization of your vote. Plus, free snacks!

8. If you like your live election results super-sized, get to the Living Room Theater for Election Night– admission is free but space is limited, so be sure to reserve your seat.

9. Swanky and sophisticated, the Gilt Club is celebrating their anniversary along with Election Night with coverage shown throughout the dining room. I’ll take the smoked duck and Obama for president, please.

10. Get out of the city and head to Monteaux’s Public House in Beaverton for their non-partisan party, “It’s Finally Over!” I’m thinking this might be a good choice for Republicans.

***This blog post is non-partisan except for the fact that I really, REALLY want Obama to win.***


Community Election Night Parties in Portland