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Primetime Obama


So will you all be watching Barack Obama’s first Presidential address infomercial slated to hit all the major networks except ABC tonight? I suppose when you have as much money as the Obama campaign, a little 30 minute long, primetime ad is a pretty good way to saturate the market with your brand message.

My question is: how many people are really undecided? (Hey, don’t look at me, I’ll be posting some words about my own decision soon). And if you are undecided, is an infomercial really where you’re going to turn for unbiased, even-handed recommendations? I mean, when I’m putting together an effective workout regimen, I generally don’t turn to Ab Blaster commercials for suggestions.

I’m sure Obama will come off smooth, smart and Presidential. But unless he concedes that Bill Ayers has been staying in his guest room and secretly writing his speeches for the last two years, I can’t imagine anything Obama says will affect the outcome of the election.

Still, if you’ve got the money, why not? There’s nothing good on Wednesdays anyway.