The most heartening part of the interview for me comes around minute 3:00 when he’s asked about a strong Democratic majority and how he would rule.

Obama makes the case that a large number of those elected will be centrist Democrats, and they’ll obviously have constituencies to answer to beyond Obama.


Folks, I’m telling you…this guy has always struck me as the genuine article when it comes to moderate, cooperative politics. I know many of you have thought the exact opposite, but let’s just look at this logically. Obama is no dummy, and one of the dumbest things he could do coming straight out of the gate is unveil some radically liberal agenda that few but the far left would agree with. It’s just not realistic, because he knows that he’ll need at least 8 years to get his core agenda through.

In any event, just some thoughts, and the interview is definitely worth a watch since it’s 23 minutes long.

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