Since moving away from Austin in 2000 I have described the city over and over as a “tiny liberal island in a vast conservative sea.” Here’s hoping those liberal islanders have something to celebrate as they watch the election returns filter in. Just remember: you may want to take that Obama sticker off your car once you pass the city limits.

Here are the best places in the Texas state capital to watch the presidential election returns on Tuesday, November 4th:

1. The official Texas Democrats Election Night Victory Party is being held at the Driskill Hotel. Whether they are counting their chickens or not with that name, this snazzy downtown hotel party is bound to go off.

2. If you like your drinks poured like your politics, go to the Drinking Liberally Election Night Party at The Dog and Duck Pub and have a brou-ha-ha in their sweet beer garden.

3. The Travis County Libertarians are having an Election Night Party at the Paradise Cafe with some free appetizers, $3.50 Mexican martinis and plenty of Libertarians.

4. Go out in Texas style with a big screen and big buckets of beer at Election Night at the Alamo Draft House (South Lamar).

5. The Austin Hippies (which ones?) are having an Election Night Party at the Drungo Ice House with free pool, darts, big screens, and mucho tolerance for ALL political philosophies. Damn hippies.

6. There is an Election Night Results Viewing Networking Mixer at The Studio with a free buffet and a really long name.

7. For more beer garden goodness, Scholz Garten is showing election returns in high-def at their Election Watch Party.

8. What economy? It’s happy hour the entire evening at Mohawk with Full Election Coverage all night long.

9. Why watch the election on your one puny TV at home when you could watch live results on 40 plasma screen TVs at the Third Base Bar and Grill‘s Election Watch Party?

10. For $2 pints and barbeque that will knock your boots off, hit the Election Night Party at Uncle Billy’s Barbeque.

***This blog post is non-partisan except for the fact that I really, REALLY want Obama to win.***


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