CNN takes a look and discusses what his impact will be.

I think Barr could make a big difference in Georgia and other traditional red states like North Carolina, Indiana, Florida and Ohio.

Here’s why…

Reports show 1 million Democrats have early voted in North Carolina, compared to half a million Republicans. 1.4 million people have early voted in Georgia, and African American is around 33%. And in Florida, the African American and elderly vote is having a big effect as 1.4 million votes have been cast, 54% by Democrats and 30% by Republicans. That’s significant because Dems only make up 42% of registered voters and Repubs make up 36%.

Long story short, McCain needs all the help he can get and if Barr can siphon off just 2% of the vote in these states, he’ll most likely be taking votes away from McCain and could possibly usher in an Obama landslide of up to 375 electoral votes.

More as it develops…

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