A lot of people were buzzing about Eagleburger’s comments about Palin yesterday, and today he’s actually claiming that the statements were in the wrong context.

However, that’s not the story here. Of course Eagleburger was going to try this. But the degree to which Fox helped him do it is pretty remarkable.

Around minute 2:20 in the following video clip, watch the Fox anchor essentially pokes Larry in the ribs again and tell him what to say!

I like how the anchor said “Given a few days…” before Eagleburger cuts him off. That’s how long it would take Palin to grasp foreign policy? A few days? Thankfully, Eagleburger doesn’t agree with him, but come on…what does Fox think they’re doing?

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this done so transparently, but there it is nonetheless.

Politics Fox News Helps Eagleburger Walk Back His Palin Comments