And he has a 13 point lead among likely voters.

The details…

(CBS) With just three days left until Election Day, a new CBS News poll finds that the Democratic presidential ticket of Barack Obama and Joe Biden leads its Republican counterpart by 13 points among likely voters, 54% to 41%. That margin reflects an increase of two points in the Obama-Biden ticket’s lead from a CBS News/New York Times poll released Thursday.

About one in five voters say they have already cast their vote, either in person or through the mail, and these early voters prefer the Democratic ticket by an even greater margin. Obama leads among early voters 57% to 38%, a nineteen point advantage.

To give you an indication of how significant this is, in 2004 the numbers shook out like this…

Early voters who also voted four years ago backed Democratic nominee John Kerry over President George W. Bush 45% to 40%.

Can McCain still turn it around? Well, I’m with Charlie Cook on this one.

In short, no.

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