I have learned quite a bit from my interaction with Obama supporters this year. I have learned that facts are not as important as rhetoric. That a voting record is less important than temperament. That smooth and cool is more important than experience.That how you feel is more important than what you think. That historical fact is trumped by transcendental change. Finally the most important thing I have learned, is that hope triumphs over reason.

For my predictions, I have decided to put my education into practice. I have decided to forgo any actual analysis, logic, reason, polls or history. Instead I will base my predictions strictly on what MW Hopesâ„¢ will happen.

First, MW Hopesâ„¢ the ASC longshot scenario plays out, McCain wins, and we have divided government for the next four years.

MW Hopesâ„¢ the final Electoral Result will be:
McCain 272 Obama 266
(This is one different than the map, as MW Hopesâ„¢ Obama takes Omaha, Nebraska)

For the rest, MW Hopesâ„¢…

Popular Vote
Obama: 50%
McCain: 49%
All Others: 1%

House Results
Democrats: 259
Republicans: 176

Senate Results
Democrats: 58
Republicans: 41
Independents: 1

When Will the Election Be Called?
November 19, 2008 (My wife’s birthday)

Surprise of the Night?
You’ve got to be kidding.

Yes. I am drinking tonight. Laphroiag single malt. Cask strength. Neat.

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