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The Best and Worst of Campaign ’08



Well, tomorrow the election comes to its end. As weary as most Americans probably are with the campaign, at least it’s provided a lot of drama and excitement. Without further adieu, I offer my list of the best and worst moments and people of Campaign ’08. Feel free to share your own.

Sorest Loser: Bill Clinton

Most Gracious Loser: Mitt Romney

Most Past His Prime: Ralph Nader

Most Annoying Figure: Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Most Over-Hyped Figure: Joe the Plumber

Most Neglected Figure: Bob Barr

Strangest Figure: Ron Paul

Most Absent Figure: The Crazy Liberal (Michael Moore, where are you??)

Best High-Wire Act: Barack Obama navigating the Rev. Wright scandal

Worst High-Wire Act: Sarah Palin trying to hide her ignorance of the Bush Doctrine

Best Scandal: John Edwards turning out to be a big ole weasel

Worst Fake Scandal: The New York Times accusing John McCain of an affair without following any journalistic standards or ethics

Best New Trend: Democracy through Web 2.0

Most Annoying New Trend: Amateur songs composed for candidates

Most Surprising Moment: the Palin pick

Biggest Mock Outrage: Obama supporters getting upset over a satirical New Yorker cover

Saddest Moment: Tim Russert’s death

Best Primary Campaign Decision: Obama organizing in the caucus states

Worst Primary Campaign Decision: Rudy Giuliani betting it all on Florida

Best General Campaign Decision: Obama forgoing public funding

Worst General Campaign Decision: McCain suspending his campaign to “work” on the bailout