In a presidential election year, the congressional races are a side-stage event. But here at Donklephant, we’ll be covering all the closest races for House and Senate in addition to our coverage of the Electoral College results.

The big questions tonight are:

  • Can the Democrats reach a filibuster proof senate majority?
  • Will Republicans be able to take back any of their 2006 House losses in red districts?
  • Will an Obama tsunami sweep in a large Democratic majority?
  • Will split-ticket voting prove the electorate is wary of one-party rule?

Those are the storylines we’ll be following tonight while providing return results on all 35 Senate races and over 80 key House races.

Some of the most interesting contests include the surprisingly close Florida congressional races where younger Cuban American’s may help usher out several Republicans once thought to be as safe as any representatives can be. And we can probably measure the length of Obama’s coattails by whether Democrat Nick Lampson holds onto the Texas 22nd that he won two years ago in the wake of Tom Delay’s departure; and we can look to Wyoming’s sole seat, once the domain of Dick Cheney and now the site of a tightening race.

As for the Senate, Elizabeth Dole could be the victim of North Carolina’s bluing trend and even Saxby Chambliss of Georgia is going to be sweating it out.

For political junkies, today is our Christmas, Mardis Gras and Super Bowl wrapped into one big ball of excitement. I, for one, can’t wait for the results to start rolling in.

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