Marshall Manson offers some timely advice to the supporters of whoever happens to lose the election today:

Challenging the legitimacy of an election is a serious thing to do. And with occasional exceptions, charges of fraud are almost always overblown and based on unreliable, anecdotal data.

Over the last few years, too many on both sides have gotten far too obsessed with lawyers, challenges, and allegations of impropriety. Perhaps it’s a result of the hangover from the Florida mess in 2000. But I hope that folks on both sides will act like adults this year and behave with a little grace. If your man loses — and one of them is sure to do so — don’t loosely accuse the other side of stealing it.

Whoever wins, he won’t be the worst President in history. Somehow, the republic will survive. Let’s keep things in perspective tonight as the results come in, and keep a tight rein on our worst instincts.


I fully expect Barack Obama to win tonight and, while I don’t agree with much of what he stands for and will likely be back here in a few months vehemently opposing everything he does during his first 100 days in office, he will be the President, and I’ll accept that.

If the right knows what’s good for it, they will to.

Somewhere along the way, this country lost the idea of what the British call the loyal opposition. The fact that you oppose someone politically doesn’t mean you have to hate them, or demonize them, or believe the most bizarre conspiracy theories about them. Barry Goldwater and John F. Kennedy were friends. Ronald Reagan seldom considered his political adversaries to be enemies, even if the sentiment wasn’t always returned.

It’s not that way today. For some supporters of John McCain, Barack Obama isn’t just a rival, he’s an enemy who will sell America out to socialism or radical Islam, or both in some bizarre ideological combination. For some supporters of Barack Obama, Republicans are conspiring to steal the vote.

It’s time we stopped that nonsense. You don’t have to agree with whoever the next President is, but you don’t have to hate them either.

Originally posted at Below The Beltway

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