A pretty shocking turn of events in California, as Proposition 8 narrowly passes.

LA Times has more…

As Proposition 8, the most divisive and emotionally fraught issue on the state ballot this year, took a lead in early returns, supporters gathered at a hotel ballroom in Sacramento and cheered.

“We caused Californians to rethink this issue,” Proposition 8 strategist Jeff Flint said.

Early in the campaign, he noted, polls showed the measure trailing by 17 points.

“I think the voters were thinking, well, if it makes them happy, why shouldn’t we let gay couples get married. And I think we made them realize that there are broader implications to society and particularly the children when you make that fundamental change that’s at the core of how society is organized, which is marriage,” he said.

This measure literally nullifies all of those marriages that have been taking place in California since the legal decision back in May. Yes, people actually got a chance to vote on whether or not somebody’s love was legally binding.

Absolutely shameful.

Mark my words, the religious right will eventually lose this issue, but for today at least the agents of intolerance can chalk one up for their side.

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