Very gracious of Graham to say, especially when Republicans are already spinning this.

This from the AP:

“This is a wise choice by President-elect Obama.

“Rahm knows Capitol Hill and has great political skills. He can be a tough partisan but also understands the need to work together. He is well-suited for the position of White House Chief of Staff. I worked closely with him during the presidential debate negotiations which were completed in record time. When we hit a rough spot, he always looked for a path forward. I consider Rahm to be a friend and colleague. He’s tough but fair. Honest, direct, and candid. These qualities will serve President-elect Obama well.

“Rahm understands the challenges facing our nation and will, consistent with the agenda set by President-elect Obama, work to find common ground where it exists. I look forward to working with him in his new position and will continue to do everything I can to help find a pathway forward on the difficult problems facing our nation.”

One thing that everybody has to understand about Emanuel is that while he has definitely been a partisan warrior in the past, he worked tirelessly to find centrist Democrats who could win in the 2006 midterm elections. So he not only acknowledges the need for Dems to move closer to the middle, he can build consensus within this group when it comes time to pass key legislation.

All in all, I think the appointment is good news for a more moderate agenda.

More as it develops…

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