No tickets have been giving out for the event, but that hasn’t stopped some shady folks from trying to dupe people into buying them

CNN has the report…

With 73 days to go, tickets are already appearing on the Internet with a hefty price tag. On eBay, 18 bidders have driven up one pair to more than $1,000. One Web site,, is inviting members of the public to place orders, warning “Our prices will reflect the difficulty in obtaining” tickets. Another site, Dreamtix, is offering a variety of seats ranging from $1,400 to $21,000 a pop.

Carole Florman, Communications Director for the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, says “anyone claiming to have tickets to sell right now, or saying that they will guarantee tickets, is not telling the truth.” Florman told CNN the 240,000 free tickets to the swearing-in ceremony are currently in a “secure location” and will not be handed out until a few days before. Tickets to the Inaugural Parade and official balls will be handled by a Presidential Inaugural Committee, which has yet to be formed.

It’s disappointing, but not surprising. Because with so many people showing up to see Obama during the primaries and the general election, the demand for these tickets will be intense.

By the way, is there anybody who reads this blog who will be going?

Business WARNING: Don’t Fall For Inauguration Ticket Fraud