And yes, it’s the worst rating in the history of this polling. And I think it’s because Bush has shown such little leadership in the past couple years. Sure, he made some bold moves in Iraq, but as that was revealed to be ill-fated at best, the sentiment has shifted and stayed that way.

From CNN:

“No other president’s disapproval rating has gone higher than 70 percent. Bush has managed to do that three times so far this year,” says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. “That means that Bush is now more unpopular than Richard Nixon was when he resigned from office during Watergate with a 66 percent disapproval rating.”

Prior to President Bush, the record holder for presidential disapproval was Harry Truman, with a 67 percent disapproval rating in January of 1952, his last full year in office.

As Obama visits the White House, 57 percent of those questioned think the transfer of presidential power will be relatively easy and free from tension, with 39 percent saying the transition will be difficult.

Let’s hope the transition is smooth and Bush wants to just get out as quickly as possible. I don’t know why, but something tells me he just wants to go back to Crawford and be left alone.

Politics CNN: 76% Disapprove Of Bush’s Leadership