That’s what he apparently claimed a couple weeks ago.

From the Post-Gazette via Politico:

“I think it’s quite unlikely that I would run for office again,” he said. “I gave this my best effort. My experience in politics is that the window opens rarely. It opened for me. I stepped through it, got on the stage and did my darnedest to win the nomination. John McCain was successful and I was not.”

Adding that he’d prefer to contribute outside electoral politics, Romney reiterated: “If I were a betting person, I’d say I’m not going to be running again.”

Maybe backing off of the 2012 race isn’t such a bad idea. After all, 2016 would probably be a better bet at this point given Obama’s massive win.

Still…if Romney waits 8 years he’ll be 69 and there will probably be another superstar in the GOP like Bobby Jindal who’ll be poised to lead them out of the wilderness. So maybe 2012 is Romney’s best bet.

We shall see…

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