The king of the Democratic hacks just won’t go away?

Seriously, I watch him talk and my skin crawls. The guy is so oily that just reading this story makes me want to go take a shower.


RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Former Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe signed papers Monday signaling a possible run for governor next year in Virginia.

McAuliffe told The Associated Press he set up a campaign committee and will tour Virginia for the next 60 days before making his candidacy certain.

He signed papers setting up his committee after a series of barnstorming campaign appearances across the state on behalf of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

McAuliffe would face two other Democrats already in the governor’s race. State Senator Creigh Deeds narrowly lost the attorney general’s race in 2005, and House Democratic Caucus chairman Brian Moran is also in the race.

By the way, what’s Democrat Tim Kaine going to be doing? Apparently the seat will be open in 2009, but Kaine has only served on term.

I’m sorry, but am I missing something here?

One last thing…the easiest way to turn Virginia red again is by electing a hack like McAuliffe. The guy is good at raising money and that’s it. DO NOT get behind this guy if you want to keep Virginia blue.

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