This one’s pretty shocking, and runs contrary to what we’ve heard Republicans saying over the past election cycle.

Still, maybe people think that the Dems can’t possible screw it up as badly as the Repubs did? Maybe they’re thinking that Dems will learn from Repubs mistakes?

Are expectations too high?

In the CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey released Tuesday, 59 percent of those questioned said Democratic control of both the executive and legislative branches will be good for the country, compared with 38 percent saying such one-party control will be bad.

“That much good will from the public opens a window of opportunity for the Democrats,” said CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. “But the public expects results, and may not listen to excuses for very long if a Democratic Congress and a Democratic White House can’t get their act together in time.”

Not only that, the public opinion of Dems is higher than the Repubs…

The poll also indicates that the public has a positive view of the Democratic Party, with 62 percent saying they have a favorable opinion and 31 percent an unfavorable opinion of the party. For the Republicans, a majority, 54 percent, said they have an unfavorable view of the GOP while 38 percent hold a positive view.

“The public has a positive view of the Democratic Party while the GOP ‘brand’ is hurting,” Holland said. “Overall views of the Democratic Party have gone from 53 percent favorable in October to 62 percent favorable now; the GOP overall has seen a 5-point drop in its favorable rating.”

The 62 percent figure is the “the highest opinion of the Democrats in at least 16 years, since before Bill Clinton got elected,” said CNN Senior Political Analyst Bill Schneider.

The way they’ll squander this good will is by fighting, being disrespectful and not keeping in mind the unity and hope message that Obama ran and won on.

And to that point…

But that doesn’t mean the public wants to see the GOP shut out of government. Seven out of eight want the Democrats to include Republican views in any legislation they pass.

But if Dems can harness this good will to create bi-partisanship within the halls of power, well, you could be looking at Democratic rule for a lot longer than previously expected.

We shall see…

Politics CNN: Nearly 60% Favor One Party Control