Black Friday After Thanksgiving Day Sales- Seattle

Here are THE VERY BEST of BLACK FRIDAY SALES EVENTS for the whole family! Many of these sales actually start midnight on Thanksgiving Day, for the people who can actually move after our National Day of Feasting. Just click on the store name find sale items, pricing details, maps, store information, and more!

Happy Thanksgiving and moreover, HAPPY BLACK FRIDAY! Now do your patriotic duty and get out there and spend some money! Afterall, Christmas is just around the corner, and you want your friends and family to know you love them, right?

Here’s where you can buy that love:

1. TARGET Northgate: Pronounce it right! TAR-ZHAY.

2. SEARS SoDo: Selling Americans mid-range items since 1893!

3. TOYS R US @ Northgate Mall: More games, more toys, OH BOY! Does ANYONE out there want to grow up? Didn’t think so.

4. KMART (Aurora Ave): Or “Big K” as it is known down south.

6. WAL-MART in Renton: The mother of discount shopping.

7. MACY’S in downtown Seattle: Of Thanksgiving Day Parade Fame.

8. JCPENNEY @ Northgate Mall: Or just “Penney’s”. The ‘C’ stands for Cash, no kidding.

9. BEST BUY Northgate: Matches any competitor’s price!

10. SEATTLE PREMIUM OUTLETS in Tulalip or in North Bend: Americans have a strange fascination with outlet malls and name-brand clothing; this is the Louis Vitton of outlet malls.



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