Truth be told, Richardson is more qualified for the job, but having Hillary in there would be the most beneficial for an Obama administration.

And let’s face it, I’d rather have Hillary as our face to the world right now than Bill Richardson.

The details…

CNN has learned that President-elect Barack Obama spoke with New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson Friday to discuss the post of Secretary of State.

A senior Democratic source tells CNN that Richardson’s name has always been on Obama’s list for that post. Obama has also gauged Sen. Hillary Clinton’s interest in the post if she were offered it. If Clinton does not express interest in the post, then Richardson and others would be candidates for the job.

Why Richardson too?

Well, Obama wants to make sure he has two names floating around out there just in case Hillary says no. In other words, she doesn’t get special treatment just because she’s Hillary Clinton.

More as it develops…

Politics Obama Talks To Richardson About State Job Too