You know, it’s a small thing, but it’s just another reason why I think Obama “gets it.” Maybe that will be proven wrong in the years to come, but for right now my hope is definitely being sustained.

From CNET:

For the first time ever, the president’s weekly address to the nation will be delivered via video as well as radio.

President-elect Barack Obama, the Washington Post reported, will begin by taping this week’s Democratic address at his transition office in Chicago on Friday, and the video will be posted on Saturday to Obama’s transition site,, via YouTube. Other members of the Obama administration will post online videos as well.

On Thursday evening, Obama’s transition team co-chair Valerie Jarrett posted a YouTube video, shown below, to the site explaining the lobbying restrictions for Obama’s transition team.

Here’s Jarrett’s announcement…

I’ll be posting those videos every week as they become available.

Technology President 2.0: Obama To Post Weekly Radio Address On YouTube