With the current financial crisis, Iraq and Afghanistan haven’t been leading many news stories. But those conflicts are still going on and, just as importantly, the effects of those wars are still being felt by the soldiers who fought them.

Whatever you think of the policies behind our current wars, I think it’s always important to support the men and women who fight in our nation’s uniform. That’s why I’m taking just a moment to alert you to Survivor Corps’ returning troops efforts.

Survivor Corps works around the world with survivors of conflicts and is working here in the U.S. to help servicemen and women get on with their lives after returning from war. Veterans are at a higher risk for suicide and homelessness, and Survivor Corps wants to make sure every veteran, no matter where they live, has access to services that can help them stay on their feet.

Here’s a CNN interview with Capt. Scott Quilty (Ret.), the Survivor Corps U.S. Program Manager.

It’s a worthy cause.

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