Tonight, I had the privilege of hanging out with the top bloggers in Seattle at Blogsgiving 2008 organized by Seattlest Capitol Hill Seattle & Neighborlogs and Seattle Metblogs

This heroic group of mostly unpaid individuals (at least not getting paid for writing about all that the NW has to offer) sacrificed their time and energy to gather and raise money for Northwest Harvest. For those of you that don’t know, Northwest Harvest not only serves Seattle’s hungry, but also distributes 18 million pounds of food to nearly 300 food programs across Washington state. They serve 36 of Washington’s 39 counties.

As a kid, my family would not have gotten by without the help of services like Northwest Harvest. Thus, I feel compelled to make an empassioned plea to each and every one of you to help the less fortunate during this holiday season. You can donate food or your time. Either way, get off you ass and get out their and help someone. Times are tough and lots of people need your help.

CultureMob always says get out and enjoy life. There is no better way to enjoy life than helping someone else.

Community You Got’s to Support Northwest Harvest