John McCain is back in the Senate and apparently getting ready to run for his seat again in 2010:

WASHINGTON – The red-and-blue Senate trolley rolled up to the Capitol basement Tuesday, a lone senator in the front seat checking a piece of paper before slipping it back into his jacket pocket.

“Welcome back,” Sen. McCain, someone called out.

“Thank you, good to see ya,” came the well-practiced reply as he stepped to the ground.

Then, a more familiar greeting from another senator who had been riding in back.

“John, wait up,” called Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., clapping a big hand on John McCain’s shoulder. The pair conferred quietly as they rode up an escalator toward lunch with their colleagues.

Two failed presidential nominees, minus Secret Service detail or much suspense about their futures, back to the Senate — same as it ever was.

Both men plan to stick around for awhile.

McCain decided Tuesday night to set up a political action committee, a step toward running for a fifth Senate term in 2010, an aide told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the decision had not yet been made public.

There is some speculation that McCain may face the popular Governor of Arizona, Janet Napolitano, and that he may actually have a run for his money.

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