Some on the following Hardball panel think it’s “crazy” and say she’s looking to 2012. But what exactly will she be doing in 2012? Not running for President?

In any event…

I think Hillary should take this spot for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is this seems to be a good stepping stone towards the Presidency and one of the only ones Hillary really has left. And this way she a) doesn’t have to be responsible for passing bad legislation in the Senate for 4 to 8 years and b) strengthens her foreign policy credentials on the world stage during the second presidency in a post 9/11 world.

And sure, the Secretary of State position hasn’t been a good way to become President for a while now, but nobody had the star power nor the tens of millions of votes Hillary had. She’s in a completely different position and those who cite history as a judge of whether or not she’ll be viable in 2016 are ignoring the fact that she’s, well, Hillary Clinton.

Am I crazy here?

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