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Gallup: Republican Party Popularity Plummets


A full 21 points separate the two parties.

The bad news for the party? The base wants the party to become more conservative…

Most rank-and-file Republicans (59%) want to see the party move in a more conservative direction and another 28% want it to remain about the same. Only 12% would prefer to see the Republican Party become less conservative.

I’m assuming that when they mean “more conservative” they mean fiscally and socially. But that’s not clear from this poll, although I think it’s a safe assumption.

Still, Independents aren’t much help either…

Neither party can win the presidency or majority power in Congress without attracting substantial support from political independents. But right now, independents are not offering any clear guidance about what they want from Republicans. About a third say the party should become more conservative, an equal percentage say it should become less conservative, and just under one-quarter say it should stay the same.

And, by the way, just in case you were wondering who brought them down…

One thing’s for sure…Republicans are about to spend a long time wandering around in the forest before they find their way back home.