“Let me tell you something, if Democrats take the White House and pass a big-government healthcare plan, that’s it. Game over. Government will dominate the economy like it does in Europe. Conservatives will spend the rest of their lives trying to turn things around and they will fail.”
– GOP strategist talking about Tom Daschle’s plan to provide health for all

I see his or her point, but I don’t agree.

Conservatism isn’t dead, but just like anything else, it will have to change somewhat to address the realities of a new marketplace that isn’t driven by the trickle down theories of the 80s. But that’s what parties do decade after decade, and this situation will be no different.

The messiest fight that conservatives will have is with their evangelical, wedge-issue loving base that is crippling the party with independent, hispanic and younger voters.

Shifting gears back to healthcare…

Whereas I didn’t think some comprehensive package would be doable in Obama’s first term, I think he’ll definitely try to start laying the groundwork now for a vote in 2010 after the midterms. And even the healthcare companies seem to be on board…

The industry’s trade organization now says it would accept new rules requiring them to cover pre-existing conditions as long as there was a universal mandate for all Americans to have health insurance.

Did you ever think you’d see the day?

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