A new PAC is launching some ads thanking Sarah Palin for running for VP this year, and there’s little doubt that these folks want her to run in 2012.

Part of me wants to think that this stuff is nice, but the marketer/social media strategist in me screams, “Why did they have to form a PAC to make such a crappy commercial?!”

See, this is where the Republicans just don’t get it. The days of PACs are all but done at this point. Sure, they’ll never truly go away, but what should a candidate’s supporters do in this day and age of social media and viral video? Create a PAC or a blogging army?

Grassroots Republicans need to wise up and start engaging in social media spaces that allow their message to spread virally. Look what happened to Ron Paul. He allowed his supporters to take control of his campaign and it launched him into the national zeitgeist. And sure, some of his supporters were certifiable, but he got to where he was without any high profile interviews or big endorsements.

So instead of wasting their time on painfully mediocre commercials, why don’t these folks get everybody in that video to learn about blogging, build dozens of blogs and start a 2.0 movement behind the Alaskan governor? Because, in the end, that’ll be how Palin will stay top of mind with the American voters, especially since her visits to the lower 48 will be few and far between.

Politics Thank You Sarah Palin!