Looks like that endorsement paid off, but what he’s really after is Hillary’s State position.

From CNN:

Richardson, one of the leading Hispanics in the Democratic Party, had been seeking the Secretary of State post but lost out to Sen. Hillary Clinton. Obama aides have told CNN that Obama is “on track” to nominate Clinton as his secretary of state after Thanksgiving. […]

Two Richardson advisers said privately that Richardson had been hoping State would be his prize after facing political heat for picking Obama over Clinton, but the governor is willing to accept another post in hopes that he will move up in the Cabinet later in the administration.

If I were Richardson, I wouldn’t hold my breath. If Hill is takes the SoS position, she’ll be there for a while since she’s giving up a cush Senate spot.

On a sidenote….one thing for Dems to worry about here is that two, popular high profile southwest Governors (Napolitano being the other one) are being snatched up by Obama, leaving power vacuums in both states. And since New Mexico has emerged as an important swing state, it’ll be important to watch what happens in the next couple years.

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