On the whole, I like President-Elect Obama’s economic team.  I think Tim Geithner is a solid choice at Treasury, mostly because he’s been knee deep in the bailout stuff and can jump right into the scrum.  He seems to have the confidence of Wall Street and will require little on-the-job training.

And there’s no doubt that Larry Summers is a brilliant man, too, and as such he’ll be useful to have inside the White House as the primary economic advisor.

But we have to ask:  Can Summers really play second fiddle?  I mean, here’s a guy with a massive ego, prickly personality, and more enemies than Terrell Owens.  He made no secret of his desire to be Treasury Secretary, a position he previously held in the Clinton administration, and many see this role as a step down from that. 

Clearly he wanted back in the game, or he wouldn’t have taken the job.  But for how long will Summers be a team player? Is it possible for him to subordinate to Tim Geithner?  President-Elect Obama prides himself on the “no drama, Obama” approach, but with Larry Summers he just invited drama into the west wing.


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