I certainly hope not, but I can see the folks at NBC doing this since Gregory has more on camera experience and looks more polished.

From Huffington Post:

David Gregory will take the reins as moderator of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” the Huffington Post has learned. Gregory has been a leading contender for the permanent spot since Tom Brokaw stepped in as interim moderator following Tim Russert’s death in June.

In recent weeks, a short list including Gregory, Andrea Michell, Gwen Ifill, and Chuck Todd had been considered the top candidates for the position, while Katie Couric and Ted Koppel were viewed as dark horses.

Brokaw will conclude his duties as interim moderator this weekend, when he will interview President-Elect Barack Obama.

However, NBC tells Politico that they haven’t made a decision.

But seriously…David Gregory? When has this guy been able to give us any insight into anything? And why would you want to make such a distinct shift away from the Tim Russert model? Is it the gray hair?

I’m sticking by my pick of Chuck Todd and I hope this report is nonsense.

Politics Report: David Gregory To Host Meet The Press