First there was Rove…

“Monday’s announcement of Mr. Obama’s economic team was reassuring,” Rove writes. “He’s generally surrounded himself with intelligent, mainstream advisers. Investors, workers and business owners can only hope that, over time, this new administration’s economic policies bear more of their market-oriented imprint.”

Rove also offers praise of Berkley Economics Professor Christina Romer as Obama’s choice to head up his team of economics advisers

Then Fred Barnes started making cooing noises towards the President-elect…

It’s not that Obama, despite his unswervingly liberal record in the Senate, turns out to be a pragmatist. The point is he’s pragmatic (so far) in one direction-rightward. Who knew?

Yeah, who knew?

Maybe all of those bloggers who said he was a pragmatist from the get go and supported him because of it?

Here’s more Barnes love…

Clinton, for all her shortcomings, doesn’t hail from the surrender-at-all-costs wing of the Democratic party. Nor does retired Marine general Jim Jones, who’s slated to be Obama’s national security adviser. Jones, an Iraq war skeptic, is a strong supporter of offshore drilling and other steps to increase domestic production of oil and gas.

Then there’s Bob Gates, Bush’s defense secretary. Obama wants to keep him at the Pentagon for another year. Liberals and the media like Gates because he replaced the man they loved to hate, Donald Rumsfeld. But Gates is no dove and no ally of the antiwar left.

So the scoreboard looks like this: Three of the four cabinet posts that matter most are going to those with views acceptable to the center-right of the Democratic party. That’s Geithner, Clinton, and Gates. The fourth, attorney general, will provoke a confirmation fight if Obama chooses his buddy Eric Holder, famous as President Clinton’s deputy attorney general for facilitating the pardon of Marc Rich.

Three out of four isn’t bad. Conservatives aren’t jumping for joy. But imagine how the left wing of the Democratic party-the dominant wing, after all-feels. Let down would be an understatement.

The one thing everybody has to keep in mind is that the left wing will get their due, but since Obama doesn’t owe left wing interests anything, he’ll be able to set an agenda on his terms, not theirs. That means he’ll start testing the waters for the progressive ideas that America is ready to accept and reject the ones he knows are political losers.

Meanwhile, the right wing will continue to see Obama as the reasonable guy he is, and while they won’t agree with him on everything…they won’t try to destroy him either. Well, that is until 2011…

So, if he can keep both sides on their toes, I can help but think his will be seen as an extremely successful first term and he’ll start to bring the unity to country we’ve been waiting for. And that could make 2012 a much easier race than 2008.

We shall see…

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