Barack Obama is doing a fine job preparing for his presidency, but one move stands above the rest in terms of its clarity and commonsense appeal. Obama is right to support a BCS playoff for college football.

Now, you might think I support Obama on this matter merely because I’m a Texan and Texas is getting screwed in the BCS this year. Not so. You hardly have to be a Texan to see the profound injustice being perpetrated by the fraud that is the collegiate football championship. Seriously, if we ran our elections like the BCS runs football, we would have had Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani facing off in the November election.

But let me move past the clear and unquestionable insanity of a system that considers a team that lost 45-35 on a neutral field superior to the team which beat it. I understand the complexity when you factor in Texas’ last-second loss to Texas Tech in Lubbock and Oklahoma’s at home victory over the same Tech team. Obviously, small minds can easily be confused by the situation. That explains the fallibility of the human polls. The computer polls, of course, fail merely because they are computers and are more concerned with bringing on a Terminator-like future than they are with accurately interpreting the results of college football games (and, yes, any computer that ranks Oklahoma over Texas is clearly seeking the annihilation of truth and justice).

There is only one solution. An eight team playoff. Don’t tell me it would be too hard to coordinate. Div. II and Div. III NCAA football manage such a system. And don’t whine about all those Bowls that will lose money. The lesser Bowls can still host contests between teams which fail to make the playoffs while the major Bowls can serve as playoff sites. It’s really not that hard. And such a system would allow Texas to prove, once again, its superiority over Oklahoma. On the field. Where questions of “who’s better” are best decided.

So, clearly, it’s time for a playoff system. Isn’t that change we can all believe in?

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