And only very few Governors, like Mark Sanford of South Carolina and Rick Perry of Texas, said that the government shouldn’t be giving any money out.

Yes, time are tough and if Obama is really going to stimulate this economy, the package is going to be massive

Forty-eight governors met with President-elect Barack Obama today to press their case for a federal package to help them weather the U.S. recession that began in December 2007.

The state executives want an assistance plan to create jobs through infrastructure projects, such as highways, and to aid with programs such as unemployment benefits, food stamps and health care for the poor, said Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, chairman of the National Governors Association. Rendell said more than $130 billion in infrastructure projects are waiting to go ahead if funding is secured.

“We’re not asking for the federal government to bail us out,” Blagojevich said. “We will do our part.”

The $100 billion would be in addition to infrastructure projects, Blagojevich said today in an interview after the 1- hour, 45-minute meeting in Philadelphia. He said the total amount of any assistance from Washington and when it might come are unclear.

Later on, the number $136B was mentioned, so that’s where I got my title from.

More as it develops…

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