For the last several years, the Episcopal Church in the United States has been embroiled in internal conflict. Four dioceses and a collection of parishes, upset by the social liberalism of the Episcopal Church, have broken away from the church. Today, those congregations have formerly formed a new church: the Anglican Church in North America

The root cause of this strife is the Episcopal Church’s acceptance of homosexuality. The catalyst was the consecration of an openly gay bishop.

As an Episcopalian, I’m saddened to see the church splinter over a matter as biblically insignificant as homosexuality. This really seems to be a case where current cultural conflicts are infiltrating Christian theology. I’m sure the new Anglican Church in North America would strongly disagree, but I see little Christian grace in the choice to be intolerant of our Christian brothers and sisters.

That said, everyone has a right to worship as they choose. At least in this age, in this part of the world, we can resolve our religious differences peacefully.

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