It was reported after the election ended that the link between Obama and Ayers was first introduced on the campaign trail prematurely by Palin, and then McCain was forced to join in. But the blogs were talking about them long before that.

One meme even emerged that Ayers wrote Obama’s first book, and even though I didn’t realize it at the time I first wrote about it, I’m pained to admit that the guy who invented that nonsense is from Kansas City, MO and is the executive editor of a fairly well known magazine here called Ingram’s. Ugh.

In any event, here’s what Ayers has to say about his super best buddy Barack

The dishonesty of the narrative about Mr. Obama during the campaign went a step further with its assumption that if you can place two people in the same room at the same time, or if you can show that they held a conversation, shared a cup of coffee, took the bus downtown together or had any of a thousand other associations, then you have demonstrated that they share ideas, policies, outlook, influences and, especially, responsibility for each other’s behavior. There is a long and sad history of guilt by association in our political culture, and at crucial times we’ve been unable to rise above it.

President-elect Obama and I sat on a board together; we lived in the same diverse and yet close-knit community; we sometimes passed in the bookstore. We didn’t pal around, and I had nothing to do with his positions. I knew him as well as thousands of others did, and like millions of others, I wish I knew him better.

Not that this is any surprise to those of us who were paying attention, and not that this will put all the weird conspiracy theories to rest either, but Republicans would do well to shame the “Obama truther” crowd into silence. Otherwise they risk having them run the show in the downtime between now and 2012.

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