It wasn’t just talk.

He promised and he’s delivering…

Transition chairman John Podesta wrote a memo to the transition staff outlining the initiative, dubbed the “Seat at the Table” policy.

Any documents produced from meetings between the transition team and outside organizations will be posted on The idea is for Americans to offer comments and suggestions. “The American people deserve a ‘seat at the table,’” Podesta wrote, according to a document obtained by Washington Wire.

Staffers are required to post all policy documents and “written policy recommendations” as well the date and time of the meetings. “This scope is a floor, not a ceiling, and all staff are strongly encouraged to include additional materials,” Podesta wrote. Transition members have to notify the organizations of the policy before the meeting.

Here’s more…

Long story short, no more surprises. We’ll know what’s coming down the road so we can debate the merits, find common ground and move forward quickly.

This will be the model from here on out, and regardless of what you think about Obama’s policy, we can all be thankful for this level of transparency.

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