Want to know why I look to the Pentagon first when asking “Where can we get some money?” It should be obvious from the graph above.

Their budget has almost doubled in the last 8 years. And that doesn’t even include the additional funds appropriated for the Iraq war, which would easily put the yearly defense budget closer to a cool trillion the past couple years.

So I ask again…why is the DoD’s budget a sacred cow? Why shouldn’t they be asked to either cut back significantly or tighten their belts so some of these funds can be used for more pressing needs like health care reform or green tech or education?

I’d even imagine you small government libertarians would be scratching your heads at this too.

Also, for as much crap Clinton got from the right wing for cutting the defense budget and closing bases, the DoD’s budget was actually higher in 2001 when Clinton left than it was in 1993 when he took office.

(h/t: Daily Dish)

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