Yes, everybody’s hurting and since these are unique times I don’t have a problem with setting aside some funds for leaders at the local level.

And, actually, it makes sense that mayors get money first because they have a better understanding of what’s actually happening on the ground in the places that need it most. But state infrastructure is crumbling too and we can’t ignore that.

From WSJ:

A delegation of American mayors is meeting with Democratic congressional leaders today to ask for a piece of the economic stimulus package taking shape — and they met with the news media beforehand to emphasize they aren’t seeking a bailout.

“We are not here for a bailout but to present a recovery plan,” Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa told reporters.

“We don’t need a bailout,” Trenton, N.J., Mayor Douglas Palmer said. “We need a buildout.”

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg used the dreaded B-word to refer to a competing part of the proposed stimulus package, money for states that need to close large budget gaps. Congress had a choice, he said, between “bailing out the states” and giving the money to mayors to “build the infrastructure that we need for tomorrow.”

Long story short, this has to be a 360 degree stimulus plan, and I think Democrats realize that. Let’s hope Congressional Republicans do too and don’t try to block this just because they feel they have to oppose deficit spending.

Business Mayors Ask For Piece Of Stimulus Pie