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Mayors Ask For Piece Of Stimulus Pie


Yes, everybody’s hurting and since these are unique times I don’t have a problem with setting aside some funds for leaders at the local level.

And, actually, it makes sense that mayors get money first because they have a better understanding of what’s actually happening on the ground in the places that need it most. But state infrastructure is crumbling too and we can’t ignore that.

From WSJ:

A delegation of American mayors is meeting with Democratic congressional leaders today to ask for a piece of the economic stimulus package taking shape — and they met with the news media beforehand to emphasize they aren’t seeking a bailout.

“We are not here for a bailout but to present a recovery plan,” Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa told reporters.

“We don’t need a bailout,” Trenton, N.J., Mayor Douglas Palmer said. “We need a buildout.”

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg used the dreaded B-word to refer to a competing part of the proposed stimulus package, money for states that need to close large budget gaps. Congress had a choice, he said, between “bailing out the states” and giving the money to mayors to “build the infrastructure that we need for tomorrow.”

Long story short, this has to be a 360 degree stimulus plan, and I think Democrats realize that. Let’s hope Congressional Republicans do too and don’t try to block this just because they feel they have to oppose deficit spending.