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Obama: Blagojevich Should Resign


Barack Obama has joined the chorus of those calling on the Governor of Illinois to step down:

President-elect Barack Obama believes that Gov. Rod Blagojevich should resign, his advisers said on Wednesday. “The President-elect agrees with Lt. Gov. Quinn and many others that under the current circumstances it is difficult for the governor to effectively do his job and serve the people of Illinois,” Robert Gibbs, the incoming White House press secretary, said.


Gibbs said that Obama believes the Illinois general assembly should now take control of the issue of picking a new U.S. Senator for Illinois. The assembly is expected to reconvene next week to debate whether to hold a special election to fill the seat. The assembly should “consider the issue and put in place a process to select a new senator that will have the trust and confidence of the people of Illinois,” Gibbs said.

Blagojevich would have to be possessed of an astounding amount of arrogance and stupidity to believe that he has any choice but to step down at this point.

We’ve seen this before.

Back in April it was nearly three days from the time when Elliot Spitzer was first linked to a prostitution ring to the time that he stepped in front of cameras to resign as New York’s Governor. At this point, we’re in Day Two for Blagojevich, and if Hot Rod were your typical politician, I’d expect a resignation by Friday afternoon.

But it’s fairly clear that Blagojevich is no typical politician and this is not your typical political scandal. He may just hold on to office until the Illinois legislature drags him out of there.

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