It’s definitely honeymoon time for Obama, although I can’t help but think all this Blagojevich stuff will hurt these numbers simply because some will assume guilt by association.

The numbers…

Overall, a majority of Americans are confident in Mr. Obama’s ability to govern and unify the country, with many who didn’t vote for him now seeing him in a positive light. The poll found that 73% of adults approve of the way he is handling the transition and his preparations for becoming president.

“So far so good,” said Kathleen Broussard, a 25-year-old massage therapist from Dallas. She voted for Republican Sen. John McCain for president, but said that the day after the election she felt a sense of joy about Mr. Obama’s victory that hasn’t gone away. “I respect him. And we’re all praying for the best. We definitely needed a change, and he’s definitely that change.”

Polling indicates that the nation is more unified around Mr. Obama than it was for either Bill Clinton in 1992 or George W. Bush in 2000. Americans say the challenges, too, are greater, with 77% of those surveyed predicting Mr. Obama will face bigger problems than most recent presidents have.

This news piggybacks on the 79% approval rating that CNN reported yesterday, so we’re seeing a trend.

But as I said before, enjoy it while it lasts Barack. Your numbers will never be this high again.

Politics WSJ/NBC Poll: 73% Approve Of Obama Transition