Following up on the previous post…here’s the video of Powell questioning Palin’s wisdom when she talked about “small town values.”

I always thought that the whole “Real America” talk was remarkably dumb because it alienated more voters than it drew in…and I’m glad to see that Powell shares that view.

What’s more, the GOP often romanticizes the small town as if it was some utopia away from the troubles of their big, bad dysfunctional urban counterparts. And yet if you’ve been to small town America lately, nearly every single person living there is reliant on the government because our agricultural backbone is heavily subsidized. Apparently that irony is lost on folks like Palin.

And as far as dysfunctional goes, well, that’s a human condition and it runs rampant in both places. I used to go hunting with my grandfather in northern Missouri near Brookfield and Kirksville and you would not believe the conditions some people live in. It’s tragic actually. But I’ve been there, I’ve seen it with my own eyes and, like Powell said, the GOP needs to wake up and start realizing that instead of portraying America in a completely unrealistic light.

Moving on…

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