2009 is waiting for us right around the corner, and along with it comes a fresh start and a new chance to create and mold your life into one of which you have always dreamed. So maybe 2008 wasn’t the best year ever for you; perhaps your new home was repossessed, you had to sell your hybrid car to buy gasoline, you were laid off from your dream job and now can’t find even find a part-time gig bussing tables. Some jerk stole your iPhone out of your car, your stocks are worth less than Britney Spears’ new album, and you cancelled your vacation to Cabo because the dollar is in the hole. Your kids are being pissy little brats because you can’t buy them name-brand sneakers, your sports team is losing game after game after court case, and your dog is giving you the stink eye because you can no longer afford his cheesy-sausage treats. You can’t even pay $4 for the karate lessons you need to beat up the ninjas who kidnapped your family.

At this point, there is only one thing left to do: PARTY YOUR BRAINS OUT!

When all else fails, we must gather around us those whom we love and revel in the simple joys of warm human companionship that cost nothing, drink a cheap domestic brew or five (get your buzz on AND support the national economy), indulge in the free aerobic entertainment known as dancing and let your soul be soothed by the universal “mommy-says-everything-will-be-alright”: music.

This is NOT the year to spend New Year’s Eve sitting at home in front of your TV with a belly full of pepperoni Hot Pockets and a string of Jagermeister-flavored drool hanging off your pouty lower lip. Get out there and join your friends in celebration of what lies ahead, because let’s admit it, folks, it can’t get much worse than this- even Santa agrees!

New Year’s Eve Parties in New York City:

1. Watch the fireworks from the water on a New Year’s Eve Cruise with open bar, party favors, appetizers and non-stop DJ dancing!

2. Rated the “Highest End Party of the Year,” New Year’s Eve at Club Touch is decadent, extravagant, spectacular and magnificent! And obviously, dress to impress.

3. Watch the proverbial ball drop on a twelve foot high waterfall at the Liquid Ice Nightclub NYE 09 and enjoy vortex tornados, blasts of liquid ice to cool the dance floor, and a free continental breakfast!

4. Jam with Chuck Berry at the B.B King Blues Club and Grill at the New Year’s Rockin Eve.

5. Ring in the new year with style, sophistication and flair akin to Paris at New Year’s Eve at Bryant Park Grill which caters to celebs, fashion mavens, big spenders and just straight rich people.

6. Drunken brawling not for you? At the traditional New Year’s Eve Concert for Peace at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine you can welcome the new year with festive decorations and fellow pacifists.

7. G. Love and the Special Sauce will be performing a special New Year’s Eve Show at the Blender Theatre at Gramercy. Gee I love special sauce!

8. Celebrate with dancing partying queers at the New Year’s Bash at Sputnik featuring That’s My Jam and two floors of DJs and live bands bumping all night long.

9. The sexiest and swankiest party in NYC’s Meatpacking District is at Level V, a notoriously decadent and over-the-top club- hey, you have all year to work on those resolutions!

10. Or just say ‘FORGET IT’ and get to the biggest New Year’s Eve celebration in the universe, Times Square New Year’s Eve. Agoraphobics be warned, but there is no better place to start your 2009 off in a big, big way!

Click here for the complete listing of all the events in the New York City area.

Wherever you decide to celebrate this December 31st, be sure to slap a smile on your face, party with your friends, drink responsibly, and remember: safety first, after fun!

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